Split Heaters

The kind of heaters is the best solution to substitute long heaters inside holes out of dimentional tolerance occurred by erosion.

Split heaters design lets heat transmition in a separate way on each half from walls to the outside o heater. This manner we get heat transmition to the wall more uniform, improving much more what a conventional.

Split heaters are basically a tubular bent in “U” shape so its manufacturing allows more density. Since more dense and uniform its compacting is more heat transferring will be to the heater sheath.

Split heaters are supplied with 12” long leads each end.

Better performance in long cavities or wearied holes

These heaters are supplied with 12” lead length.

Their design allows even heat transmission, being more efficient than a standard cartridge.

Available Size Split Cartridges

1/2Min. 8” – max. 45”
5/8Min. 8” – max. 60”
3/4Min. 8” – max. 72”


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